The art of hair coloring to achieve both modern trends and classic looks uses a wide variance in techniques. Balayage is French and means "to sweep" as in freehand  painting, while foiling is used to isolate the hair from multiple colors or to achieve maximum lift and vibrancy. Your stylist will choose the technique to create a beautiful custom look just for you.

  • Service

    Levels 1-6

  • Design Balayage

    A dimensional highlighting process that uses a painting technique to create a customized highlighted look around the crown of the head.  Includes 3 ounces of color and a glaze or conditioning treatment.


  • Full Balayage

    A dimensional highlighting process that uses a painting technique to create a customized highlighted look all over the entire head.  Includes 3 ounces of color and a glaze or conditioning treatment.


  • Design Foil

    One color highlighting using foils in a customized designer technique around the crown of the head. Includes a glaze or conditioning treatment.


  • Full Foil

    One color customized highlighting using foils throughout the entire head. Includes a glaze or conditioning treatment.


  • One Color All Over Single Process

    One process, one color,  solid color all over hair color.


  • One Color Regrowth Touch Up

    This is to touch up the regrowth of one color solid all over single process color.  For regrowth of more than 4-6 weeks there may be extra product charges.


  • 2-3 Week Grey Refresh (Restrictions Apply)


  • Men’s Camo Color

    Men’s semi permanent hair color.  Goes on quick, processes 5-10 min.  Color is translucent and very natural looking.


  • Glazing/Rebalance with Color, Haircut or Blowdry


  • Additional Product/Formulas

    Every additional customized color mixed and extra color over 2oz will be charged $13 per color and $13 per ounce over 2oz.  Your stylist can explain this to you further during your consultation prior to your service.


  • Corrective Color or Vivid Color

    Per Consultation

Fees for color are based on medium length/medium density hair and one color formula. Extra product/additional formula charges may apply.

  • Service

    Levels 1-6

  • Style Haircut

    This service is best reserved for more feminine style cuts; pixies, bobs, lobs, layered cuts, etc.


  • Barber Haircut

    This service includes most short styles that are achieved with clippers; skin fades, tapers, classic looks, and more.


  • Kids Under 12 Haircut


  • Mustache / Beard Trimming


  • “Everyday” Shampoo & Blowdry

    In depth thermal tools added to any regular Blowdry Style/Haircut +$14

    (Does not apply to formal styles)


  • Fusio-Dose Luxury Conditioning Treatment

    Fusio-Dose transforms your hair in less than 5 minutes, with a custom-blended mix that addresses 2 hair needs in 1 application! Concentrated active ingredients freshly fuse to create a customized in-salon treatment for your specific hair needs. Capable of resolving all of your hair concerns, Fusio-Dose fundamentally treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results.


  • Ph Bonder/B3 Treatment

    This treatment is added right to your color and helps prevent damage, reduce breakage, and prolong the life of your hair color!


  • Fusio Scalp Scrub

    Choose between our soothing and purifying scrub; each is infused with its own uplifting scent that seeps into the nose while this hair treatment deeply cleanses the hair and scalp answering today’s main hair concerns: greasy scalp, dandruff & lifeless lengths. This treatment includes your scrub of choice, a relaxing head massage, and if followed by a customized hair mask. (Scrub cannot be done same-day as a chemical service)


  • Metal Detox Treatment

    A treatment that neutralizes metal inside the hair fiber before each color, balayage, and lightening service.


  • Pre Art Clarifying Treatment

    Ideal treatment for before chemical services; levels the porosity of hair, and effectively removes pollution and styling build-up!


  • Malibu Treatment

    Removes Chlorine/Well Water Buildup


  • Kerastase Gloss

    This high shine hair gloss strengthens and seals the surface of the hair fiber to protect color and leave a high-shine finish.


  • Service

    Levels 1-6

  • Brazilian Blowout Treatment

    Get frizz-free hair for up to 12 weeks with this non-damaging treatment that is great for all hair types!


  • Permanent Wave


  • Extra Product/Time


  • Service

    Levels 1-6

  • Light Makeup Application

    (Includes mascara, lips, cheeks, light foundation and light eye shadow)


  • Full Makeup Application

    (Includes full cover foundation, contouring, eye shadow, eyeliner and lips)


  • Formal Up/Down Style

    Levels 1-3 $89 Levels 3-6 $99

  • Short Hair Tease Style


  • Flower Girl

    (Under 10 years old)


  • On-Site Wedding Services

    On-site wedding services are now available! Please call the salon and a member of our guest services team would be happy to provide a quote for your event.

  • Airbrush Tanning

    One of our airbrush technicians will personally spray you in our private airbrush room. We will help you achieve that perfect glow in no time!

    For best results: Please exfoliate your skin, do not wear lotion, deodorant, or make-up, and wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment.

    1 Session: 49

    4 Sessions: 176

  • Eyelash Tinting


  • Eyebrow Tinting


  • Lash Lift & Tint

    A duo treatment to enhance your natural lashes. Lift and tint your natural lashes to make them thicker, darker and longer looking. Lasts 4-6 weeks and is low maintenance.


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